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Personal Training, Weightlifting and

Sports Massage

Strength training and sports massage are for everyone!  You can start at any time and ANY age.  But the sooner you get started the better. 

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Strength Training & Weightlifting

We train strength and power to the over 40's and we also coach weightlifting to kids (funded through British Weightlifting).  Our oldest client is currently 74 years of age.

We know that as you get older you need to change how you train (frequency and intensity) but strength and power training becomes all the more important.  We are living this reality. We are in our mid fifties and we need to know when to push and when to recover too! So, if you are completely new to weights we can help you on your way or if you want to learn a specialist skill like the clean and jerk we can do that too!  Or perhaps you have been going to the gym but need some motivation to achieve your goals?  That's right up our street as well.

What we will always do is keep you safe and have you moving well, within your capabilities, so that you get strong and fit at the same time.

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Sports Massage & Soft Tissue Therapy

Sports massage, or soft tissue therapy, is the use of various advanced techniques to improve general wellbeing and reduce risk of injury.  It can help enhance recovery once an injury has occurred and reduce pain from trauma and overuse.  Whether you are simply looking to address common aches and pains from the stresses and strains of modern living or need to be in peak condition for athletic performance sports massage can be an extremely effective part of your regime.

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Trigger Point Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage

Soft Tissue Release

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